Wednesday, December 17, 2008

you never got your story straight

wen over to jou's place at about 5 yesterday and was greeted by this:
mei.. in jou's standard 6 prefect's uniform. looking very prefect-y.

look familiar? take a wild guess.
she's green, and the best thing to ever happen to DU.

jou wanted to take crumbles for a swim at central park,
so her dad gave us a ride there.
crumbles in stealth mode.

crumbles was supposed to stay on the floor but like normal dogs, 
she climbed up to stick her head out of the window. (haha bolt!)

and she's a camwhore dog! 
stops to pose for the camera. seriously.

jou has this love/hate thing for crumbles.

and after the slobber.

mr lee, kenvern, jou, mei and crumbles.

go crumbles.

and crumbles jumped right in!

..and had trouble climbing out.

she shakes off her water on command too,

much to mei's disgust.

they had to keep crumbles on a leash
otherwise she's probably swim off and attack the people on the other side of the pond.

they started playing fetch with her, with twigs, branches and plastic pipes -.-

after the people on the other side of the pond left, they decided to let her go.
threw the stick further, and she started swimming.
i thought it was going to drown.
if you see it like that, you can't blame me right? -.-

but she came back perfectly fine.

hey this picture reminds me of something..

haha remember this? :P

looks like sinba.

mei and kenvern.

who's my good girl, who's my good girl!

looks like aqua.
with the paw up like that sumore. heh.

kenvern's a big bully laa.


camwhore dog haha.

walked back to jou's place after that.
and we had to cross ou's extremely busy crossroads to do that.

single fileee..

bet you had fun, didnt you, you cute girlllll :)

oh and we saw bolt! hahahah!

had dinner at jou's place. her mom cooks kickass claypot chicken rice man.
watched a bit of bruce almighty and we went to medan selera, ss2 after that.
technology these days.. sigh.

retard. haha.

i think jou bit a on nut.

since the end where i usually eat was closed, we stayed on the other end.
leng chi kang.

mine and ken vern's chee cheong fun.

our grilled fish.

their yong tau foo.

kenvern's char kuay teow.

our ice kacang, which had too much kacang that mei hated.
scooped out all the kacang, almost half a bowl full.

challenged me to eat all of them.

bmeh. disgusting.

some lady behind us had eyes on her back. literally.

okay. stand about 4 feet away from your screen and look at the picture.

who does she really look like eh? :P
i look like some frigging emo mat rempit!!
eh. nola. you look like me.

lol. zhadou!

feels good to run again,