Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas honeys :)

so jou wanted to have a "fine dining" eve of christmas eve dinner.
okay la, it was super last minute (9.30pm the night before),
and i had to switch dear mr.ariff's class earlier,
but everything turned out awesome :D
mei, sieuminn, munyi, jou, me, suzen and pauline.
..told you she wanted formal.

our dearest host,
who has the exact same picture
in the exact same dress
at a different christmas dinner.

munyi looking schmexay.

sieuminn, who was leaving kl the next day.

suzen and her feathers.

pauline in a hoodie dress O.o

mei, who sure as hell wouldnt wear a dress.

and i was sick of dresses so..
hellz yeah.
time to man it up.

the kickass food on the menu for the night:
garlic bread, by mei.

portobello mushrooms, by munyi.

sauteed mushrooms, by suzen.

potato salad, by munyi.

carbonara, by pauline.

roasted chicken wings, by jou.

roasted chicken, by jou.

and roast beef, brought by me.

that's damn a lot of food for 7 girls.

m, m, and m.

lims! :D

and the only one left out. :P

so yeah,
dinner was really good.

though we were occasionally distracted by one of the three cameras (especially mine)

and we'd occasionally burst out laughing at jou's parents.

seems like i should've been the waiter eh?

had a fun time trying to act like we can fine dine,
"pass the potato salad please",

and had a "waiter" for the night,
thank you aunty ivy for putting up with us x)

and we tried SO HARD not to use our hands,
specially when it came to the chicken wings.

but in the end,

we gave up and didnt give a damn.

food was too good to not lick our fingers.

..seems like we had lots of trouble with the wings.

oh, and jou wanted a log cake but we coculdnt find any within our price range/liking.
cakes, too, have "face problems".
so we had watermelon.
it's custom for the lee family to stuff us with offer us food, especially fruits anyway.

dont know about you guys, but i was super stuffed.

camwhore session after dinner.

oh and in case anyone didnt realise..
those're all my dresses. :P

it's funny, cause i wasn't wearing my own clothes.
lol thank you daddy for your bowtie and pants,
and mommy for your white shirt.

sigh. i also no face to wear that dress anymore after the world's seen munyi in it.
*shakes head

pauline and jou.

..the shorter ones.

i tried cropping the picture to make it look more gossipgirl-ish,
but if i cropped till jou's nose level, the other's heads wouldnt be in the picture at all.
yes jou, it's true. :P

noob camwhores. need mirror one tsk.

after effecs of too much food:
getting high.
and that's just a general term.

ballroom dancing, princess diaries style.

ash/remains seeking

a lil bit of stripping,

suicide attempting

august rush-ing

edward cullen-ing

YES dancing

dressing up
why do people keep seeing my clothes as tudungs?!

jelly cake-ing

animal feeding


er. i dunno what to label this la.

uhh yeah,
cheryl's dad dropped her off a bit later,
and thought we were on crack when he saw us through the window.

presents time!
first of all, i'd like to say sorry if any of you guys arent happy with the gifts.
we are in recession.
no ipod nanos for you guys this year, i'm sorry pauline.

munyi bunyi!

and her feather earrings.


her very big toffee.

and fluffy pink bedroom slippers that sieuee's gonna steal.


her mini toffee

and charm necklace.


her moneybag
sorry for the crap wrapping, i didnt know how to wrap them ><

and her musical notes and snowflake earrings.

meeeeeiiiiiii :D

her salami.

has been branded for life :D
from jou, cheryl and i :)

cheryl my ♥

her fortunately very easily wrapped rectangle,

and her meiyin lips!
..on a tissue box.

last but not least,


her crepe paper bag
which mr ariff tore at the top =.=

heh. suspense a bit laaa.


and her t-10 pouch :)

santarina may loves each and everyone of you, plus cheryl,
hope you guys liked the wrapping and the presents!

by that time, it was already about 12,
and mei's brother came to pick them up.
asked him to come in and we had supper.

we've got style okay.

pint sized girl with a botomless stomach.


cheryl's a big bully!

kept picking at his hair,
"go down."
now that sounds very wrong.

and stealing his food. tsk.

jou's shorts are damn cute la lol.

cheryl and i stayed over jou's place.
i knocked out at about 3,
apparently they were singing backstreet boys in hokkien till 4ish.
went for training with no peirhung the next morning.

i wanted to go back to queen's park, pusat bandaraya again
you know, that place that sells esprit stuff real cheap.

jou tagged along this time.

after getting lost about 3 times on extremely jammed up roads,
we finally got to jalan peel.


had lunch first, at xin wah.

chantum :D

oh and my grandmother came down from penang.

jou ah jou.

eee. so much stem.

yau char kuey.


very gingery lala. ><
kickass steamed white chicken.


went and looked around all the shops,
and we were both extremely disappointed.
couldn't really find anything at all,
and i went home with just one t shirt.

sorry jou :(

went to bangsar shopping centre after that.
that place is seriously so.. stoned.
there's completely nothing to do there,
and nothing affordable -.-
stopped by ou for a while to pick u some stuff and walked back to jou's place

since my grandmother was in town,
we had dinner with two of my uncle's families.

sigh. the food was disappointing this time round.


four heavenly kings?


some taufu thing i didnt touch.

i think i ate nearly the whole plate.

deep fried fish.

fried white chicken.

and pork knuckles.

aunty ong, june and lyn.

chantum, ah ma and mommy.

uncle frankie, joshua, aunty jenny and sean.

..that's one gangster baby.

dad dropped me off at minghan's place for another christmas party,
apparently there were more adults (and awesome food i missed out on) this time.
khidir giving me sexy.

in terms of company, and presents too :P

thankyou jou and cheryl, for the "dragonfly from frames"
thankyou jou, mei and munyi, for the cookie monster t shirt
thankyou pauline, for the customized maniac blogger tanktop
thankyou sieuminn, for the keychain and candy
thankyou suzen, for the striped cardigan
thankyou joo, for twist in my story
thankyou aunty laygaik, for the silver bangles
thank you aunty margaret, for the cash
thankyou minghan, for the dragonfly studs and handmade card
thankyou moozie, for the itouch speakers :D

i love all of you!! XOXO

oh, and i got a new desktop wallpaper too :D


santarina can finally put her hat, dress and fur to rest till next year.

very happy, i am.