Friday, December 5, 2008

i spy with my kuaci eyes.

went for dinner at frames, ttdi plaza with my mom.
anyone noticed the santa's hat on the "F"?
been wanting to try this place out for a while since my mom mentioned it about a month back.

and i LOVE the deco there. the ambience and atmosphere too :)
pictures in the frames were taken by the owener's family and friends,
who are also pro and semi-pro photographers.
all the photographs on display are on sale, depending on the size.

the managers were super nice too. :)

berae. lychee and strawberry. i like :D

my mother's lemon twist or something like that.
it was too sour for her liking so we switched.

our caesar's salad and chicken.

fried calamari, which i personally liked but my mom found too oily -.-

my mom's italian herbs pesto which kicks ass :D

my mushroom mascarpone.
it was good but i got damn jelak (jelat?) after a while.

ttdi plaza's such a nice place..
really loving those "stars" up there.

looking at those photographs, one really caught my eye..

yea, i really love dragonflies.
something about this picture seems awfully familiar, though i can't seem to put a thumb on what.
yet another to my christmas wishlist :)

--earlier today--

went to suzen's place for practice with ming and mei earlier today.
muffin went insane when we walked in,
ming went insane too.


had some nachos and guacamole jian min made.
so THOSE were what i was squeezing avocados for yesterday =.=

god. cut your hair.

mei kept scaring muffin with the cajon.
oh and we just found out that the "egg" was the same brand as mei's cajon.

i can't sing.
i can't sing.
i can't sing.

muffin was the star of today.
so cute. haha.

tried burying muffin under her pillows but muffin just sat there and didnt show any reaction whatsoever.
eh zen your dog has multiple personality disorder -.-

ming left after that and we wanted to get something to eat.
collected jou from her house.
mei and i were going crazy walking to jou's place.

went to mosin to eat.
mei's maggi goreng and fried chicken. suzen had maggi goreng too.

my roti chilli which sucked. big time.

jou didnt eat but she waited for mineral water that never came.

suzen's hair looks alive.

walked back to suzen's place in the rain.
muffin leaped onto mei's face when she lied on the couch,
jou leaped onto the couch when muffin attacked her toes.

haha. reminds me of a certain video we took a while ago. minus the tickling.
maybe i'll upload that video sometime soon yeah jou? :P

wanna know the meaning of going crazy on the way to jou's?
should've submitted this for the kakiis contest instead.

mei and suzen're going insane in front of zen's pc, playing ragnarok
i think mei's trying to kill the wall or some treasure box or something.
oh and suzen wants us to follow her to church tonight (?)
and we're now listening to some really gay song jianmin/her dad downloaded.

everything's screwing up,