Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jun! ..PHOP! lollollol

went to paddington's house of pancakes with ray for dinner.
never knew the shortform was PHOP lol.

haven't been out with him since august, goshh.

we stoned at the menu for a good 20 minutes.
there were 138 different types of pancakes in that damned book,
with so many pretty pictures and nearly made my mouth water =.=

had to ask the waiter to recommend something beefy since he had cravings for beef.

ray's coffee latte whatever whatever.

his beef pepperoni, chicken ham, mozzerella and hashbrown, which kicks ass.

i expected it to be bigger =.=

spicy mexican minced beef, peppers and mashed potatoes.

dessert was sweet, supremely so.
baked banana, peaches, toasted walnuts and choco honeycomb butter.

i still don't get why paddington's wont have shorter names for their food.

omg la ray, for god's sake, cut your hairrrr. it's as long as mineee.

he was mildly surprised to learn that i got rid of my coffee obsession.

fella has issues with vegetables,
had to eat his lettuce and tomatoes for him.

and he doesnt know how to use his fork and knife properly.

i didnt really wanna argue over the bill this time,
so for the first (only, and last) time, i let him pay for me.
no more okay, ray?

ahh it's been a good, long 2 years of friendship yea?

and i'm still taller than you! nyaknyaknyak.

--earlier today--

hello people of the world.
munyi is currently seducing my poor patrick sr.
may god bless thy soul.

` may ; says:
she shoved his face in her boobies
we'll never see it again
jouyin says:

oh, my.

nice big noseee, beautiful long earrrrsss, good skinn
muscular armsss
sexy legss
and buns of steel.

i think we're supposed to be getting ready for our speaking exam or something.

but we're just here stoning at aldous snow.

you guys watched forgetting sarah marshall, right? :D

--just a while ago--

sorryla, this is the only picture i have of you.

be a good boy okay,
don't cod so much and sleep more.

no matter what you'll always be the stupider pig. :D

holy shizznitzz.
cambridge speaking test today.


eh seriously. i gg.