Saturday, December 13, 2008

santarina came to town a lil early this year.

jou came over at about 3pm to help me wrap chocolates into "giant toffees", as my mom put it.
i look like a gremlin.
we were having a super hard time trying to make 2 hershey's kisses and one daim look like a square okay.

wooot. ohhh ashvvvviiiiiiiinnnnnn... :P

thank god jou has a pair of patient hands cause i think i would've ripped the paper apart.

bottom to top,
step one, take 2 hershey's kisses and a da'im and place in the middle of silver paper.
step two, fold (or at least try to) the paper, and make sure it isnt cone shaped. must. be. sqaure. (this is a crucial step okay.)
if you fail to do so, try again.
when you've finally managed to fold it right,
step three, take the plasticky-ish paper that makes funny noises and place the sweets in the middle of it. fold the top and bottom inwards and turn, turn, turn the sides.

only jou would get what i mean la.

it took us about 3 hours to wrap 33 of those okay.

went to get ready for dinner, left at about 7.
my dress, my earrings, my shoes :P
i think she looks damn good in it tho, agree? :)

and i wore my new dress :D

went to checker's, bukit damansara for a christmas party daddy and his friends organised.
heh we kinda look like family, no?
my dad said that jou and i look alike from behind.
god knows how that's possible since she has straightened long hair and i have a bob. too much red wine, maybe.

daddy, ben, dr jack and dr edward.

most of them thought we dressed in the same colour on purpose.
did i mention that we were over dressed =.=

okay, i'm gonna try naming all of them through memory.. sorry if i mispell your names okay.
and daddy, i'm allowing you, just this once, to correct me if i'm wrong.
yenny, ben, venetia, iris, mona, dominic, dr. shih pei.

richard, yulian, shim, marcus, valerie, jeremy, sharon, and yenny again.

back- shireen, dr edward, dr hon bin, lilian, cynthia, dr jack.
mommy, jou and kh.

daddy, pal and jane.

shireen, dr edward, dr hon bin.

i really really liked the food there.
almost everything we had wasnt on the menu so there's not exactly any proper names for the food.
garden salad.

some kinda chicken.
my mom thought those orange things at the sides were carrots, they were actually papayas.
oh and the grilled garlic pieces really kicks ass. coming from someone who despises garlic.

potato and some kinda rice stuffing.

leg of lamb? and potatoes.

ben slicing it up for all of us.

..and enjoying the best later.

some kinda pork belly with apple sauce i think.

LOTR! their signature dish.
lord of the ribs, my absolute favourite there.

he looks angry. like, struggling to cut it or something.

yum yum. i had about. 5. :D

and some spaghetti.

mud cake.

cendol with vanilla ice cream and rum, another signature.

she liked it!

though there wasnt much food, i must say i was rather happily stuffed with kick ass food :D

oh and halfway through the main courses, dr. jack organised some song game.
it's like, he'll read out a line from a song and we'd have to guess it's singer and the name of the song.
i'm pretty sure if mei was there, she's kick everyone's butt.
ben, probably trying to bribe dr jack :P

and he underestimated us! 
put jou and i together and gave us a handicap of +15 marks. 

and this was on the paper he gave us to write our answers on.
eh don't blame him la, he's a doctor after all.

a lot of them were damn into the game,
some had to close their ears to sing the song to themselves before the could get it right, LOL
some shouted out the answers,
some sang out loud,
some copied,
and only a handful played fair :P 

in the end, it was a tie between jou&i and ben. probably cause both of us got +15.
had four rounds of scissors, paper, stone with him (which jou and i lost kao kao) but in the end he was nice enough to give us the prize.

which was some huge ass beer can or something. :D
thanks ben, you're not that big a bully after all.

*click to enlarge
my dad and lilian seem to be speaking in sign language to each other.
(front row, second from the left and back row, second from the right)

a few more candids..

and poser pictures :D
lilian and cynthia.

cynthia and daggles.

dr edward and dr hon bin.

shereen and jeff's family.

heh, so cute.

KH, yenny, dr jack, valerie, yulian and shim.

richard, dr jack, KH, shim, marcus and jeremy.

couples.. couples.. happy happy couples.
mommy and daddy :)

KH and fiona.

jane and pal.


cynthia and jack.

okay one thing,
she keeps complaining that she's fat.

but would you belive me when i say...

that she's almost 9 months pregnant =.=

newlywed jeremy and sharon.

valerie and marcus.

yulian and shim.

and a new addition to the couple's gang..

daddy and pal?! oh, my.

there were other couples, just that i didnt get to take pictures of them heh.

more group pictures..

ahah look at ben outside.

ben's hand ruining the picture =.=

heh. dom perignon on ben lai. 

kh and his best friend.

sometime before desserts were served, i sneaked to the back with jou.
when they finished announcing the answers to the song game and desserts were served,
i came out like this.
my mother made me. serious. 
specially with that stupid koala bear bell.

basically my duty was to be santarina and give everybody those sweets jou and i were wrapping earlier that day.
oh and daddy, in case you were wondering,
this was mommy's idea of a surprise for you people. not mine okay.

in case you people don't remember, the costume was from last year's nightmare before christmas party.

and, as predicted, i was a big hit among them.
it's like they've never seen santarina before O.o

ah ><>

i should've been paid. hinthint.

you look so.. charitable here.
ahha i think that boy's damn cute okay.

moozie and daggles.
should get this framed la.

lilian   daggles
eh i want to know, why does your daughter call you daggles?
O.o i dunno?

the extended family.
ping, you've got a new younger sister =P

after everyone settled down,
dominic brought out his guitar and they started singing christmas songs.
quite cool la.

one last look at the adults.

we needed to leave the place by 12 as it was a resident's area.
the lil girl looked pretty grumpy. i think think the lil boy's damn cute.

so after they left the restaurant, they stoood outside for a good 15 minutes, singing more songs.
one day i'll upload the videos la.

oh and did i mention that dom perignon rocks?

thanks KH for sneaking us some red wine and champagne
but no more next time without telling my mother first okay.

and thanks sam, for having us for the night. :)

jou, i know you had fun laughin with/at my parents and their friends right?
oh and laughing at me too =.=
and we werent overstuffed either, just the way you like it :D

oh yeah. there's a lot more of THOSE alright.

war of the d40s.

that's it for tonight,
santarina's gotta get some shut eye, it's 4.30 am now =.=

like, omg W-O-W!