Sunday, December 21, 2008

and i, i won't worry my life away.

jou cooked dinner for us last night!

we watched definitely, maybe while waiting for her and fooled around abit.

nice speedos. :P

dress patrick up.

jou's mom suddenly made hamburgers for us cause mei said something about being fungry but she was actually nungry but we were all kungry.
think about it..


jou's slightly undercooked salty-on-some-leaves veggie.

err, a lot of random cucumbers.

fried chicken.

jou's kickass steamed white chicken, which went really well with the rice.

munyi bunyi.

the plates slowly emptying. :D

mwaxmwax jou, *smacks ass
you're gonna do fine in aussie if you continue cooking like this.
but err leave your veggies to cook longer okay?

minghan picked me up later on to go to his christmas party at his house.
i felt so alien there.
no offence whatsoever, it's just me, i'm not too good around strangers.

minghan didnt even know some of the people who were all over his house.

ah thank god i have khidir/ali la,
at least i had another lost person with me.

and you'd think that 19-going-on-20 year olds (haha just reminding you minghan)
are a lot less retarded.. but no..
not these two.

he did it on purpose. really.

the blanket game. will explain it another time.

what's a christmas party with no christmas carols, right?

mingyue on the guitar.

forgot her name, but that shake shake thing's really cool.

out of the 40 songs on the paper, i knew none in full.
just bit here and there. pathetic, i know.

once again, khidir and i felt damn lost. 
okay khidir, since we dont know how to sing any of these, let's just sway la okay
chris tucker style?
chris tucker style.

had dessert after all the carolling.
someone took the time to cut the watermelon slices into pine trees.
damn cute and creative.

jane brought the cakes from secret recipe.

and jia ling, someone from minghan's youth group thing made this
some kinda african mint+caramel fridge cake, which kicks ass.

this has got the be the most lala picture ever taken.. with a fruit.

went for brunch with my parents, ben, phal and jane at chong thoong kee, ttdi.
sells ipoh hor fun and steamed white chicken.
(sorry la jou, theirs beat yours)

okay, one thing though. i fell asleep while writing the earlier part of this post.
and was unceremonoiusly woken up by my dad for brunch.
so i left my memory card in my laptop..
and i had to use my phone's measly 3.2 mp camera to snap my photos for brunch :P

it's located somewhere opposite the market.

the whole shop was filled with people, with a constant flow on customers in and out of the place.
it was THAT good.


gizzard and liver, i think. yumm :P


and heck lots of steamed white chicken (pak cham kai).

they each had a bowl of hor fun/kuey teow to go with all the dishes.

dr quek ben lai.

phal and jane.

and my beloved lefty parents.

who clearly didnt tell me about the dress code.

went over to dsh to visit cynthia for a while, and came home.
after lazing around for a while, 
minghan suddenly asked me if i wanted to watch cicakman 2.
my immediate reaction was O______o. uh. okay.

so yeah, we went to watch cicakman 2 at cineleisure with his sister mingli, his brother mingyue, and mingyue's, uh, jane (?) :D.
oh my lord.
never again. NEVER AGAIN
you hear me minghan?! you wanna watch any local movies you call khidir.
okay la, it had quite the standard laugh-my-pants-off scenes ala senario,
but the sound, the graphics, the ACTING.

went to ou after that i join mummy for dinner at ms. reads.
mummy's ice lemon tea.

my raspberry cooler.

my spicy seafood spaghettini with coriander.

mummy's roasted chicken, not sure what it's called.

scones with preserves and pure cream, which KICKED ASS la omg.

mummy had to tapau haha.

followed her around to do her christmas shopping for the family.
haha i didnt buy any clothes okay. 


mm i wonder what's waiting for me in the box under my tree.. :D

m-m-m-m-m-monster killl!!!