Thursday, December 18, 2008

a whole lotta walking and camwhoring.

one of my wishes on my wishlist (which is now updated btw!) was to take pictures with at least 10 mall/hotel/restaurant decorations
minghan decided to give me that for christmas, 
and he's always wanted to backpack around anyway.
dear lord, we look the same.

so for our little adventure, 
he made it a lil more interesting: no car, completely public transport.

first stop: one utama.
okay they had the barriers up but that ain't gonna stop me.

had some auntie anne's, then we left for the bus stop outside of ou.

haha stupid cat.

his idea. not mine. i swear.

took the U43 bus to kelana jaya lrt station.
was supposed to go to klcc, but i brilliantly slot in mid valley which was on the way.
stopped at bangsar station, where we took a free shuttle bus to mid valley.

next stop: mid valley.

i think i nearly killed one kid who didnt wanna get out of my way.

forced him to chase after the nando's chicken and take a picture with him.

walked over to the gardens.
the guard scolded me cause there was actually a barrier there as well.

took the ktm to kl central after that.

for some odd reason, there were damn alot of uhm, soldiers in kl central.
random, i know.

walked across to the monorail station and went to imbi station after that.

next stop: times square.

the reindeers were flying! ahaha.

"eh it looks like you. same parting and all."

yeah well, THAT looks like you too minghan. =.=

oh in case you guys're wondering, 
i forced him to wear those reindeer horns in every picture he took. :D

walked through some roads to out next stop.

next stop: bukit bintang area.
places covered: sg. wang, lot 10, pavillion, jw marriott, the westin

sg. wang.

lunch stop: 1901, sg. wang.
omg i was so damn hungry i thought i could drop DEAD.
minghan and his chicago beef.

my texas ted.

walked around abit and got some stuff. 
left sg. wang and got to the famous jalan bukit bintang.

lot 10.
there was this really angry ang mo there that was shouting his head of at "monica" and swearing and stuff. 
i bet the whole of lot 10 and maybe even jln. bukit bintang heard him, he was so loud O.o

i think it was the same one they used last year, the one with the choir on it?
need to cut cost okay, we are in recession ><

look, it's a dell snowglobe :P

took a break at pavilion's famous staircase, 
in front of the concourse area.

took off again,
to jw marriott hotel.

the westin. who had the theme: wild wild westin. quite cute la.

backtracked down jalan bukit bintang to the bukit bintang monorail station.
took the monorail to bukit nanas station, 
where we walked over the dang wangi lrt station and took the lrt to klcc.

while waiting for the lrt.

next stop: suria KLCC

"haha! *inserts cina voice* kuala lumpur chicken chop!" 

that's one tall tree O.o
we actually had a picture taken toghether with klcc's santa and santarina but the uncle who helped us take the picture had no photograhy skills whatsoever.

walked over to mandrin oriental.
why is it that the pictures we ask other people to take for us end up screwy? =.=

i like their balls. :D

walked back to klcc after that.

so pretty. 
bet munyi's macau waterworks were more kick ass though

took a cab from klcc to shangri-la cause both our legs were DYING.

dinner stop: shangri-la.

after cleaning up, 
swapping my sneakers for a pair of heels,
and shrugging on my drawl (what jou calls my drape vest)
and he changed his shirt, we headed to the 1st floor.

okay before you start thinking that we've got a lot of money till we could eat at shangri-la for dinner,

it was actually completely free.
my mom called earlier this morning and asked if i wanted to use her complimentary dinner for 2 voucher, so yeah. thank you mommy :D

went to the pub, shangri-la, as stated in the voucher.

complimentary bread.
eh why'd they give 3 pieces for ah?

minghan's salad with lunscons greens in balsamic vinegar.

my kick ass mushroom soup.
jou, i bet you'd love it.


he really doesn't like taking pictures lo.

minghan's grilled salmon.

my grilled ribeye steak.

holy cow, eyebags.

lol too busy with his food to even look up.

cake of the day, not sure what's it called.
lol. cherry sauce xD xD xD inside joke.

all in all, the food was totally awesomely GODLIKE
thanks a million mommy :)

went downstairs and had a look at lemon garden cafe
which sold chocolates at the front counter.

the candied apples caught my eye.
damn, they didnt have any caramel apples tho.

chose the chocolate apple :)

took a cab from shangri-la to bangsar after that.

next stop: bangsar.

bangsar shopping centre
it's an igloo O.o haha cold storage geddit geddit?


bangsar village 1&2:

gingerbread family!

the concourse.


took us about half an hour to get a bloody cab that follows the meter
and willing to take us from from bangsar to the curve.

my teeth really hurt, and it's not from the excessive chocolate.

our final stop:

the concourse.

the street:


met up with khidir, minghan's friend, at mcds, tesco.
gave us a ride through some heavy traffic to minghan's house to transfer the pictures we took today to his laptop. sent me home after that.

so i guess we wouldnt be bringing these horns out for a while.

by the end of today, i managed to:
1) not buy anything for myself despite being in the haven of cheap clothes.
2) make about 4 different hotels' staff think we stay in their respective hotels.
3) fully appreciate public transport and my legs
4) laugh so much, my abs hurt (or was that from the walking?)

by the end of today, i discovered that:
1) i really need to be more careful when crossing roads
2) some cabs SUCK. rm 23 to go from bangsar to curve when it really costs rm10?!
3) coins come in handy, at all times.
4) if you wanna really tone up your legs, wear heels.

i had an amazingly awesome day. 
thanks minghan :)

that's one major thing crossed off my list.

..and another to add on.

it's love at first sight and sound, i tell you.
daddy.. please? :D

i'm gonna regret staying up during training tomorrow.