Saturday, December 20, 2008

congrats, jack and cynthia!

proud parents as of 12.45 am this morning :)

downside of being a leftie: smudges on smudgable ink on smooth card.

cynthia was so full of energy, it's like she was never pregnant in the first place.

so yeah anyway,
welcome to the world,


and keith :)

after paying cynthia a visit at dsh,
we went down the road to ss20 fish head noodles.
was opened by jenny hong's husband or something like that.

moozie and her cincau.

my fish paste rice noodles.
the taste and all that was fine,
just that eating the fish paste (which was supposed to have the texture of a fish ball)
felt like biting very unfresh meatballs.

so prefered the other type, the one with the fried fish in it.
still prefer the one at goon wah, jalan kucai lama though,
that place still owns.
oh and my dad bought the phone from mei,
and he paid her for half of the itouch.
went to withdraw money from cimb.
i swear,
for that 7 minutes it took us, from cimb, zaaba to mei's house,
i felt like just running out of the car.



she tried to run away but yea.

i'm now in jou's house, with cheryl, mei, and munyi watching princess diaries 2.
she'll be cooking dinner for mei, munyi and i tonight.

praying for no food poisoning,