Sunday, December 14, 2008

kakiis night out was AWESOMEE!

went to euphoria for kakiis night out with mei and cheryl.

guys, head over to the site and register alright!

they said that the dress code was "kakiis together-gether",
so i forced them to wear the antlers. (and mei the red racerback which i think she looks awesome in)

heck, even my mother joined in the fun.

mei was still sulking over the whole red racerback thing.

and cheryl was whining about the antlers.

the traffic was quite heavy on the LDP and around sunway area.
registration at the entrance to euphoria.

damn a lot of people lo.

one thing i really liked about euphoria was that they made a point not to serve the underaged any alcohol. 
only people of age got some stamp thing on their wrist as recognition.

oh, and euphoria's a smoke free club. :)

the event was hosted by fly fm's very own DJ steve, a really friendly guy.
he was explaining to us about the rules of the games we would be playing that night.

oh, and btw, the club was only open to us nuffnangers and their kakiis :)

free flow of drinks, though we could only take sprite or coke.

bites? :)

mostly finger food, so i didnt really have a proper dinner.

people enjoying their food outside.

as for the games, cheryl, mei and i were TEAM 60.
started playing after we ate.

so expect these kinda games at any event like this:
1) sticking your feet into a baby pool of ice-cold water, 
picking out rocks with letters on them with only your toes and spelling words.

2) play some real-life counter-strike.

no, seriously.

3) test your vocab 

4) kick some WII ass.
mei won for us!

5) foosball like there's no tomorrow

mei and cheryl kicked ass, btw. :P

6) play some old school coconut bowling

7) get electric shocked while picking out pingpong balls to spell words.

meet bob the builder!

8) and play some blind bat cubes and shapes game.

9) stick your hands into covered aquariums to pick out coins..

only finding out later that the gross things around your hands were eels or earthworms.

10) get stuck in a tornado with your friends in a box, catching flying paper that went into places most have not been before. know, when i was gonna take a shower, a couple more fell out from my shirt -.-

11) big lungs and a big voice comes in handy too.

kakiis dot cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom (13 seconds)

but she did it for 25 seconds! gengchow.

haha the guys lasted 5, 5, and 10 seconds respectively =P
girl poWeRrR!
but we all won a 16gb pendrive each anyway :)

12) modelling. in this case, your kaki.


go, jowynna!

though i think, some people got the wrong idea...

uuuuuhhhhmmmm O.o

and if you're the emcee of the event, 
don't think you'd get away with playing any of these games!

but one tip on how to kick ass though:
you need a pair of awesome kakiis,
like cheryl

and mei

to really enjoy all the stupid games.

oh, and don't. DON'T. wear heels.

when we were done playing, we went back to the main dance floor.
if i;m not mistaken, they're the guys who sang "silly willy".

haha quite cute, but i think i've seen it somewhere before.

bryan, kevin and their friends.

of course, if you're in a club, dancing is definitely in the lineup.

and did i mention that minghan showed up at about 8.30?
he was trying to get us on the dance floor.

syiok sendiri i think :P

and of course, the main reason why we came in the first place..
prize giving!
damn primary school assembly right.

the 3 winners for the photo competitions won a sony skinny T each.

as for the video contest,
places 2-5 get an itouch.

and in forth place..
i screamed.
i wanted to jump on mei, but i didnt wanna rip her jeans any further with my heels.

congrats to nigel sia, who won an apple macbook!
they'd be sending it to him, so he got .. an apple.. first.

then they started giving out prizes for the games competition.

"and the winner of the second place overall is...... TEAM 60!!!"
*cheryl and i show no reaction whatsoever*
dude. TEAM 60!
huh? *looks at mei's team sticker. 
*runs onstage madly

heh. i thought we were team 90.

we won a nokia 7610 supernova, EACH!

such good timing maaan. my previous phone KO-ed a few days ago and the spare minghan lent me KO-ed that morning itself.

i was a very happy girl that day :)

pictures of people :)
bryan's stoner face.

lishen and debra.


i camwhore banyak :D
my honayyys :D


the main reason for the winning of my itouch!

who owns at foosball.


KY! :)


yeehou, who's damn pro at camwhoring
i'm just humouring you okay. 

god, i haven't seen you in ages!
and i'm never gonna let you forget the fact that you wore a hollish dress in uk :P

bryan, who broght kevin along :D

aaah, forgot your name. sorry! drop a comment if you see this :)

seaann! :)
we seem to see him and his friend (points up) everywhere we go.

reindeers with lishen and debra.
go DU! :D

us with huai bin
his hand piercings're damn cool.

the only other people who were in "costume", ex-DU/HELP-ians.

the reindeers with jowynna and victoria.

with kevin and bryannnn :D
geez kevin, your SHIRT!

the jonas brothers *malaysian edition!
the one furthest to the right is louisyap, another participant for the video competition.
oh suzeeeeennn.. :P

us with zues, ning and uhm. sorry forgot your name! drop a comment if you see this yea :)

as quoted from miss congeniality,
"we are ALL winners." :D
jin and i, who won an itouch and a sony psp.

us with team 38 (i think?), who won 2 16 gb pendrives and the grand prize of a nintendo wii EACH.

this place brought us luck. really.

so even with all that bad publicity, i honestly think that this place ain't bad at all.

the car ride back home was no doubt the funniest ever.
i nearly split my jeans from laughing.

darren got really irritated with the bells on our antlers.

and minghan's to wear mine the next time he sees me.

mwaxmwax minghan, thanks for sending us home.
i know you think this picture is horrible but learn to live with it. not my fault you take horrible pictures.

and of course,

dearest mei and cheryl,

i love you both! :DDDDDD

the night wouldn't have rocked the way it did without the two of you! :D

thanks, for EVERYTHING!!

i'm truly, honestly happy now :)

falling straps,