Friday, December 19, 2008

the fluer de lis.

by the way, check out minghan's side of his kl adventure :)

the fluer de lis thing wasnt as i expected.
wasn't insanely awesome but i'd be lying if i said i'm unsatisfied and that i didnt have fun.

cheryl's dad picked us up and gave us a ride to bangsar shopping centre.
(help me thank daddy k, cheryl)

had dinner at dome, since it was by far the most affordable place to eat there.
suzen and hazel.

me, cheryl and munyi.

cheryl's hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

cheryl and munyi's caesar salad.

suzen's pizza hut-tasting mushroom soup.

hazel's uhm bread and bacon?

my croissant with chicken ham and cheese.

food was alright la i guess, kinda over-priced lo.

walked over to 256, lorong maarof, where fluer de lis was held.
heh. *itchy fingers

it's actually a bungalow lot they rented, it's quite cool la the house.
had like 6 floors, josephine's house style.
and there were SO MANY PEOPLE.
oh my LORD. it was so hot and stuffy.
it's like god decided to punish us sinful buyers and sucked out the wind or something.

we finished up at about 1030-ish.
walked from lorong maarof to mcd's, bangsar, which was down a very loooooong road.

and on the way there,
we robbed petronas! xD
lol munyi stealing petrol.

look at all them happy post-shopping faces :P

munyi and josephine left with jo's mom,
and suzen's mom took the rest of us home.
(help me thank her yea suzen!)

buys for today:
a vest from dressing lab and a sequinny halter from phatculture.

there was this charm bracelet stall that the aura opened, 
i think i was their best customer for the night.
my customised necklace, which costed rm 13.
dragonfly :)

my customised mismatched earrings which costed RM5.

suzen's christmas present from me.

munyi's christmas present from me.

the others got stuff from there as well,
hazel, a necklace,
cheryl and josephine, a charm bracelet each.
josephine's has a story. okay we'll start from the eiffel tower k.

one day i went to paris and bought a shoe. i got locked up in some random place and stepped on a starfish. then i found the key, which led to a handbag. yimay saved me, and we flew away together on a leaf.

awesome, right?

charm bracelets and their stories. *sigh, thomas sabo.

i'm pretty sure all of us has an awesome time.
jo, hazel and suzen.

munyi, myself and cheryl.

coz i definitely did :)

hey natasha, hope you're having an awesome time at uspr..

big and chunky? :P
proves that i'm thinking of you! xoxo.

livin da vida locaaaaa,