Tuesday, December 16, 2008


went to kiara park with mei, jou and cheryl yesterday morning at about 9.30.
sat the waterfall for a while after some lady recording herself shaking some bootay left.

took a real slumber walk around the park,
listening to cheryl translate song lyrics like my heart will go on to hokkien.

my hero <3


went to the bus stop outside skttdi2 and ate some malay doughnuts. 
mommy lee sent me home.

went to kluang station after that with my mom and chantum.
evidence that she lost weight.

trust me, it's called HEARTY chicken porridge for a reason.
even i couldnt finish it though it was super awesome.

my mom's mee siam. 
she said she still prefers nyonya colours'. haha helping you promote kun!

chantum's nasi lemak with ayam goreng.

met up with minghan after that at mac city.
wanted to get a screen protector and a casing for my itouch.
got some silicone casing thing that came with a free screen protector.

okay the thing is, 
they screwed up putting the screen protector on the first time,
so i asked if he could change it.
then the second time, he screwed it up as well.
so in the end i just took the screen protector, FOC.

took it to a phone accessories shop called novacell
somewhere opposide dragonfly, 
where they did it for my itouch and my phone with not much trouble :D

heck, three's a charm, right?

went to watch bolt after that.
ahah not bad la. the characters were damn cute,
specially the stupid oversized special agent-wannabe hamster.
i'm lightning quick, i have razor sharp reflexes and i'm a master of stealth!

went over to ms. read's for dinner after the movie.
minghan's carbonara spaghetinni.
eh munyi.. how can u say that it sucks? it was damn good wei.

my grilled balsamic mushrooms on toasted multigrain
i LOVE mushrooms so i'd definitely be coming back for more next time :P

geez. retard. :D
i have 13 more of those, most of them retarded so watch what you say/do to me from now on or i'll blackmail you =.=

reminds me of solja boy. 
you know..

went back to GSC for another movie at 7.15,
the day the earth stood still.

i have absolutely no clue why keanu reeves was the main in this movie.
he said less than a hundred words throughout.
but not bad la, though it somehow had the war or the worlds + eagle eye feeling.

awesommeeee :D