Monday, December 8, 2008

i'm FULL.

wen to yi xin ge at kelana jaya for bakuteh this morning with my parents.
some kinda preserved vegetable.


spicy sour vegetable soup, one of my favourites :)

pork trotters.

bakuteh! heh.

went to giant, kelana jaya after that to get some groceries.
met the st johns first aid course trainers there, they were getting ready for some one week camp.
went to munyi's house after that to pass her a very huge stack of cambridge homework. =P

went out with terry for a belated birthday dinner after that.
he wanted to take me to courtyard garden's, but for his wallet's sake, thank god it was full for the night.

went to tram car at 3 2 square, which is somehwere near jaya 33.
garlic bread for starters.

his tom yum soup.

very mediocre sauteed button mushrooms.

some salad which was served with his sizzling chicken.

damn, bad picture.
this kicks ass.

baked seafood, which i really liked as well.

we really feel sorry for the restaurant,
their food's damn good, but the service there..
well they had really rude/blur waitresses there. the men were fine tho.
oh and they didnt have much of a selection for dessert 
so we decided to go somewhere else.

went to jaya one at first but after going round and finding nothing to eat,
i suggested hartamas or solaris so that's where we went.

ended up at dessrt's bar, soho kl.
berry delicious.


that's a whole lotta strawberries. but i like :D
mm aphrodisiac? O.o

thanks for taking me round, terry :)
and thanks for fighting with me for the bill =.=

had a great time catching up with you after a year and a half too,
though i'm pretty sure you've got a lot more to say :)

oh yeah and remember i said something about getting high at rakuzen with the girls?

oh snap!

lol classic la these two.


went to rakuzen @ chulan square for a buffet with mei, ashvin, suzen, jo and siew mun today.
heh. still missing the first time we went there tho.

chulan square has so many restaurants, wonder why we've never tried anything else there.
hint hint, daddy.

we got a room this time! :)
ashvin, siewmun and jo.

me, suzen and mei.

unfortunately, said room had really dim lighting;
exactly the type i despise.

joosefin, who didnt really eat =.=

siewmun looked damn bimbo, wore a pink shirt and shorts.

ashbbbiiiiiinnnnn, who brought a really weird hat for godknowswhat.

mei, for once in the dullest t shirt colour among all of us :P

suzeeeennn, joining us for the first time :)

and me.
nuff said.

camwhore benamhore..

i know, you're waiting for the food right? =.=
buncha makis.

my tuna and octopus sashimi.

mei's grilled chicken.



ashvin's tofu thing.

siewmun's udon.


soft shell crabbb :DDDD

my garlic rice.

baby octopus.
oh paulineeee....

my chawa mushi

my miso soup..

ashvin's california roll.

our green tea ice cream..

to which ashvin reacted like this:
no, this didnt come  from any drama practice whatsoever. :P

oh, i almost forgot.

20 plates of salmon, each plate had 3 pieces.
i think it was why we got high after that.

surprisingly this time round, we couldnt really eat that much but i think we already got our money's worth from all that salmon. O.o

we took a break and started fooling around with my accessories.

..but no one can beat siewmun la.

thats ashvin's hat btw :P

i laughed so hard at this picture.

all probably from salmon overdose. 
you dont see ashvin going mad here.

my camera fell.. my camera fell.. my camera fell.. 
sobs uncontrolably

did anyone ever hear of ashvin's obsession with christmas trees?

took two cabs to mid valley cause jo had to work and we didnt want her to go alone.

stoned at most of the IT stores for most of the time. we know.

and at every shop, ashvin opens solitaire or chess.
needed to drag her away then she'd stop.

siewmun and suzen were going bimbo over a some pink toshiba laptop.

oh and we went to the dell shop and got to watch youtube on some 42" LCD screen.

no kidding. my blog looked awesome on it too :P

went to nike.
i somehow find that poster very disturbing..

heh. jou?

damn. why can't anyone name their restaurant "may" ? =.=

i dunno what they were doing but they just kept talking to the machine and poking it's eyes and stuff.

headed over to the gardens cause we were so damn bored.

i like their deco. seriously.

thanks guys, for today.
minus jo.

maybe we should start looking for other places to makan yea?
kampachi, anyone? :P

went for dinner at sid's again that night.
thank god it wasnt as packed and as smoky as the last time round.
dominic and venetia's kids, rachel and ranen.

ben and dr jack.

dominic and daddy.

venetia and dominic.

mommy and the kids.

cynthia and lilian.

my virgin mary.

the "best fries in the world".


pigs in a blanket.

bbq pork ribs.

oriental chicken wings.

crispy fried whitebait.

steak and kidney pie which KICKS ASS.

spaghetti bolognaise.

greasy caff all day breakfast.

fudge brownie, which they made on the spot.

bread and butter pudding :D

these kids sure can eat..

but i think THIS kid is the best la.

right ben? :P

sorry la. 
got home quite late la okay.

so what am i gonna do now?