Thursday, December 4, 2008

i. hate. smoke.

went for a really late dinner with my parents and ben at sid's pub,
which is somewhere behind my house.
apparently some ang mo (caucasian) came to m'sia, 
and opened a pub there and business is booming.
yup. a pub.

sat by the bar, and just looking at all that liquor makes me dizzy.

apparently their best seller is the guinness draught,
they "make" it the best there. though i've got no idea what that means.
whats the difference between draught, stout and beer anyway?

my piƱa colada.
i've been having this thing for malibu since i first tasted it in those alco chocolates my aunt once bought for us.

bowl of chips.
according to my dad, they've got the best fries in the world.
kinda agree tho. it really does kick ass.

scotch eggs,
hard boiled eggs stuffed in pork sausage crust.
i think it tasted weird, maybe cause it was cold.

blue cheese mushrooms.

fried sausages with onions and chilli.

greasy caffall day breakfast. my dad's. =.=

everything that was on me, 
my clothes, my bag, my hair, my CAMERA, EVERYTHING
smells like smoke.
bloody. i hate, detest, loathe the smell of smoke.

ohhhh cherrrryyyyylllllllll....


--just a while ago--

went to ou with zen after dropping by akarkarya.
well technically we were trying to imitate takoyaki's mascot..

fail la. heh.

baskin robbins has this new funky flavour, cherry good cheesecake.
i like. :D
zen had a chocolate fudge.

headed over to dave's for some late, light lunch.
that was one weird tasting mushroom soup.

fussili with mushroom and truffle oil.
is it me, or does the food there not taste as nice as before?

had a lot to catch up on, we were both talking to much. heh.

i love ou's christmas deco.
their theme this year's alice in wonderland i think,
had that pink&purple cat and walking cards everywhere.

her mom called and asked us to get some avocados for her.
spent a good 10 minutes squeezing avocados in cold storage.
found a bunch of monster vegetables too.

thanks for the company zen :)

one more thing to the wishlist!

so cute! ahha. got scolded for taking a picture though.

--earlier today--


remember The Little Lulu Show?
they have it on youtube!
man i love this show.
hahaha there're so many! 
thanks lynnette!

Little Lulu, Little Lulu, with freckles on your skin,
Always in and out of trouble, but mostly always in.
Using Daddy’s necktie for the tail on your kite,
Using Mommy’s lipstick for the letters you write.

Little Lulu, Little Lulu, No one quite as smart,
Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you’re doing it with your heart.
Shining pearls and dancing girls, a sparkle in your eye,
When can we look forward to your next surprise? Lot of surprise!

Though the clock says 7:30, it’s really after 10;
Looks like Lulu’s been repairing it again.
Though you’re wild you know it’s tru-Lu,
And you’re very hard to tame,
Little Lulu, We love you-Lu just the same, the same,
Little Lulu, We love you-Lu just the same.

i happy :D