Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new year's with m&m - day 2.

was dragged out of bed at about 9 in the morning.
dunno how they manage to look so fresh and awake.

went to pulau tikus for breakfast.
and when anyone even mentions pulau tikus to me,
the first person i think of is my muarchee uncle! :D
located along solok moulmien or something like that.
that's my uncle. so small round and cute right.

kickass muarchee. mei and munyi finishes my box so they got another :D

sar hor fun/cantonese fried noodles.
three guesses who ordered this =.=

some porridge thing. forgot the name but mei and i liked it.

char kuey teow.

curry mee.

moozie and daggles.

oh and we were sitting outside..
some bird shat on my dad's by-then-already-empty plate.

so he got scared and moved.
heh. daggles. like a little boy.

she ate all my taugeh. thank god.

be dazzled by the meiyin grin.

holy momma. kuaci eyes.

stopped by the coconut man's place.
he's damn skilled with the sabit lo seriously.

bought some sea coconut :D

parents needed to get to chulian street or something like that. 
needed get some mirrors for the new apartment.

your parents'll probably think we're gay by the end of the trip.

and walking into a shopfull of mirrors
is heaven for a narcissist.
but it's quite scary at first la.

caaammmmhhhoooeeessss. :D

mei's stolen-from-guai-lo-on-the-plane glasses.

she's trying to perfect her "yimay look".

my dad wanted to get a haircut, so we dropped him off along campbells street and headed for one stop shopping mall to get some dvds.
the shop we were told to go to was closed, so we went to another.
3 for RM 12 okay!
moozie getting me my teapot.

cool pic :P

eh jou we kena con kao kao.
i bought those two for RM25. ><

picked my dad up and went to lorong selamat for lunch.
oh chien/ fried oyster omelette.

loh bak.

chee cheong fun.

kuey teow th'ng (soup)

hokkien mee/ prawn noodles.

laksa :D

char kuey teow.

ice kacang! :D

quite the filling lor.

budak lorong belakang.

went to kek lok si temple after that to look around.

tried conning mei and munyi that we'd be walking up bukit bendera to get to the temple. =P

damn a lot of turtles weih.

eee. why my hair keeps covering half my face ishh i hate ittt laaaaa.

3 for RM10. guess who's who.

went to hai boey restaurant, balik pulau.
more commonly known as "the end of the world".
dunno why but this was on the drink stand next to our table.

ting and ee ma :D

the lim clan. and chantum. heh.


it's a restaurant by the sea, but thank GOD it didnt smell like it at all.

eema, daggles, uncle kee soon, aunty jessie.

ting, aunty mon, kaka, joel.

jason, chantum, moozie.

mei and munyi! :D

i was quite stoned la, maybe cause i was kinda hungry..
giant brussel sprouts which nearly tore out my braces wire.

errr. some tofu thing i didnt really like.

snails again.

better tasting octopus. :D

lala. very very nice lala. not the gingery one bleurgh

kickass deep fried hako (shellfish?)

hot plate butter-ish squid and prawn.


baked crab O.O

pfft. finished all the food. O.o

ting is soooo cute. :DDDD
okay la she can stone also.

daddy and ting.
haha i think she reinds him of me :P

may and ting, doing a jou. 
she's learning fast jou!! now all she needs is an slr and smaller eyes.. and shorter legs.

and after we finished eating, 
mei was giving munyi a, uhm, 
heart-to-heart talk about how spoiled, fortunate, lucky, whatever she was.
kinda. sorta.

we had a good time at tesco after.
yeah, sure did.

went to mcds for some ice cream after with the whole family.

318 calories per chocolate sunday. =.=

might as well eat the plactic spoons yeah.

aiyo ah jou ahhhh

we is missing youz yo.

be strong, be strong now,
too many, too many problems,
don't know where she belongs
where she belongs.

role-play :D,