Saturday, December 6, 2008

i LOVE mexican food.

wanted to save my stomach for tomorrow,
but my dad took us to las carretas for mexican food.
located somewhere opposite HELP/CIMB/landslide place.

aunty lay gaik and mommy.

daddy and i.

i think i have a thing for nice deco. seriously.
check out the wine bottles fountain.

james dean's 1955 levi's jacket.
for real.

my mom liked the state's car plates.

gotta admit, it's quite cool la.

my dad's bloody mary.
i was a bit grossed out to see a celery sticking out of it but it tasted really good.

complimentary tortila chips and salsa sauce.

chilli con carne. my mom's and my favourite.
looks gross but it's out of this world.

chicken and beef fajitas.

sounds like a kinda funky dance move or something mei would randomly say when shes high.


my dad's brownie's.
he still claims that hard rock cafe still has the best tho.

my deep fried mexican ice cream.

i love mexican food, 'nuff said. :)
but honestly, i dont like places with dim lighting. screws up my photos 
coz i've got no clue what settings i've gotta use and i hate food with flash.

i think that hat's damn cool.

and to top this awesome day off...

i got my parents to sit and smile while wearing them :D
almost managed to get my dad in the pink one tho, aiseh too slow.

--earlier today--

had a dental appointment with dr edward this morning.
ugh. don't you just hate the sounds of drills on your teeth?
scratching the blackboard or dragging metal n the floor isnt the worst of sounds, trust me.

though my appointment was at 1030, 
i only went in at about 11 (cause some ang mo before me was having some problems with his teeth and god knows how his bill came up to rm600+) and was worked on for 45 minutes. 
-.- about the longest time i've ever sat/waited, besides the first time i put my braces on.

thats why i didnt come jou, natasha. a million sorries, i didnt have credit to let you guys know =/

wanted to try the famous beef ball noodles i've been reading so much about.
soong kee beef ball noodles.
apparently they started off as a shop under a tree and now its a shop. (?)

beef balls there KICKS ASS. im serious.

my mom's dry noodles with minced meat.

my beef ball and tripe noodles in soup.

i had a small bowl and i was still hungry, 
so we walked to petaling street to try some porridge place she usually goes to.

still amazed at how they changed the place. it's so cooling there now!

hon kee famous porridge.

its actually a minute stall wedged between two clothing stalls.

it was damn good, though i still prefer the beef balls :P
haha i just realised that i went to chee cheong kai to eat chee cheong cheok. 
lollollol sorry syiok sendiri-ing.

since we were on petaling street, we decided to take a look around.
got a cup of my all-time favourite air mata kuching :)
lol reminds me of jo's bm essay somehow..

the pashmina scarves caught my mom's eye.
managed to get 2 for rm 2o, half the price the guy was selling for. 

when we were heading back home at about 1.30, we suddenly decided to go to bangsar.
walked around all the little boutiques and stopped by bangsar village for some tea.
went to d'lish :)

my mom's root beer and my banofee pie. 

mwaxmwax mummy, thanks for taking me round today :P
and sorry for making your feet tired. heh?

something about one of the boutique's deco appealed to me, somewhat.
cute isnt it?
now, anyone wanna help me paint my room? :P

the outcome of 4 hours in petaling street/bangsar:

2 pashmina scarves (one for mommy, one for me),
a pair of red shorts for cny from,
a t shirt (which really reminds me of sieu minn) from purpledotz,
and a drape vest from serene outlook.
all for less than rm100 :D

that's two things off my wishlist :)