Wednesday, December 10, 2008

look at me now, will i ever learn?

went out for lunch with justin at kluang's station.
man i haven't been there in ages. i didnt even know they stopped selling pineapple water :(
do you know that this fella just bought a freaking d80?

hainanese chicken chop.
ping.. you know you want some.. :P

his.. i dunno, lamb rendang nasi lemak?

walked around a bit more and went home.
jou came over at about 6, wanted to watch a movie but we got bored.
went up to my room, and i showed her the stuff i bought from bangsar the other day.

cheers to jou who thought my drape vest was a tudung.

my mom took us out for dinner after that.
we went to modesto's at ttdi plaza.
it was on the third floor, above tao's. 

as usual, with all that dim lighting, my pictures look like crap.

my mom's kilkenny. still prefer guiness draft to that.

the complimentary pita bread.

mushroom crostini.

fettuccine al salmone, which kicks ass.

calzone ripieno.
i's actually a folded pizza stuffed with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and beef bacon.


now, one thing about eating with jou and my mom.
so being the only other one, you can guess who had to be dbkl for the day.
didnt really mind tho, i liked the food there :)

jou chewing on the pita bread.

my mom, who said that they "helped" me finish my mushroom crostini so i'd have to help them finish their share of the calzone. -.-

and jou thought it was unfair that i didnt have a picture of me in mid-chew. haha. 

saw this in one of the florists in ou..

hint hint, anybody? xD

cambridge tomorrow.
reading, use of english, writing and listening.
from 8-4.30, i'd be stuck in pj speech and drama.

i can't fail this
i can't fail this
i can't fail this

gg. i think i'm gonna cry.

and i will nibble your eaaaarrrr,