Sunday, December 28, 2008

soOpah troOpah!

right. sorry about the previous. i have my moments you know :P

had a friendly match with sri kdu on friday at dk court.
photocredits: yoke, ed and chip.
mr coach looking lively.

the bedazzling meiyin smile. :D*twinkles

warming up.

*click to enlarge
lol! suzen ur expression. damn the farneeeh.

no it didnt go in.

why're my pictures so blue ah?

match was quite fun la. 
tried the whole buffalo/chicken wing and donkey/whatwasiagain? thingy.
jou and siewmun were damn funny throughout tho. xD

dropped by ed's place with cheryl, jou and renee to check out some kitten he was taking care off.
she went nuts.

went to DU court/lynnette's place after that for dance practice for IR day.
yeah we i think they're rechoreographing the dance..
i forced mark to sit. and he did that.

tired out jujen.

i look drunk.


went for lunch with my parents, grandmother and uncle's family yesterday.
somewhere in ss17.

okay one thing i gotta say.
so no comments about the food okay.

complimentary starters.

vege soup. with artificial ham and fried lard. (bak eui poh)

tofu. with artificial crabmeat.

yam basket. with artificial chicken.

curry. with aritificial godknowswhatsinthere.

nestum artificial prawns.

artificial charsiew?!?!?!
too much la too much. 
wa eh sim jin jia tia. (my heart is very the paining)

ah ma, mommy and daddy.

uncle teh, aunty ong and lyn.

as for dinner, i went for my neighbour's wedding at mum's place, damansara perdana.


honestly, a completely different wedding dinner.
buffet style instead of the traditional 10-course-sick-to-my-bloody-stomach-meal
orange cordial instead of beer and wine
lots of moving around and chitter chatter

didnt take closeups of the food.

they had an ice kacang machine!

as for the dinner,
i've never been so afraid in my life.
all around me,
there were people from the church i used to go to 4 years ago.
yeah i stopped going to church I'M SORRY LA I KNOW I SHOULD GO TO HELL
and i was so afraid of my previous sunday school teachers 
that i kept running from them before the could see me.
but then again, i didnt have much to worry about cause none of them recognised me.
not even my own neighbour. awesome.

yingker, my left side neighbour.
showing pre-culinary arts skill. eh mini phung!

and hweii chiee, left side neighbour. 

yeah they're the orchestra kids.
if you're ever in my house and you start hearing violins and pianos, 
dun worry. it's them not the grim reaper or whatever.

the dinner was kinda like a neighbour-berchatting session for my parents. and neighbours.
mr wong/right side neighbour/father of the groom, daggles, and left side neighbour/dr tan.

mrs tan/left side neighbour, aunty julia/used-to-be opposite neighbour, mrs wong/right side neighbour/mother 0f the groom, moozie.

me with the happy couple.

oh and the bride's chinese-dutch. grew up in holland or something like that.
and her accent. walao. damn cool.

amen! :D

i'm leaving for penang in approximately 5 hours.
gotta tido.

do you catch a breath when i look at you,