Wednesday, December 3, 2008

jou still sucks. OD-ed on mini garlic bread.

oh, one more.

jou sucks because..

i quote,

she keeps wearing this stupid adidas shirt and people think mei stole her shirt when she wears hers.

had dinner at medan selera, ss2 with my mom after cambridge today.

i stil love the leng chi kang there :)

ikan pari bakar, which isnt as nice as it used to be.

my mom's char kuey teow, which according to her, wasnt as nice anymore either.

oh oh i've discovered THE new snack.

these :D
mini garlic bread crouton-like thingies.

and it KICKS ASS.
i nearly finished yin yii's whole packet during cambridge singlehandedly.

munyibunyi faster come back from macau/hk laaa i misses youuu. specially during class.

i'm loving my new desktop background.
thanks, ruionkoh. :)

--earlier today--

this is a story about a girl named jou.

and how much she sucks.

jou sucks because..

she missed celebrating our b'day together in form 2.

jou sucks because..

she will bully you..


but you can bully her back.

jou sucks because..

she scolds me for shopping when evidence clearly states otherwise.

jou sucks because..

she keeps wearing the same paul frank shirt EVERYWHERE.

jou sucks because..

she laughs and turns red at EVERYTHING.

jou sucks because..

she ks-ed the breadsticks at zara's party.

jou sucks because..

she thought a bowl of noodles in penang costed RM5.

jou sucks because..

even when she jumps she's still shorter than me.

jou sucks because..

she gives me the look/laughts at me/,akes fun of me about 95% of the time.

jou sucks because..

she can't do a lay up from the left side and makes phung a very angry man.

jou sucks because...

she nearly left her lil sister behind at ss3.

jou sucks because..

she looks bad in orange.

jou sucks because..

she has this THING..

..for fingers.

..see what i mean?

jou sucks because..

she owns a slipper ruining crumbles who ruined her nice nice slippers.

jou sucks because..

she has a nice new pair of ipanema, given by yours truly.

jou sucks because..
she has a very new, very pretty patrick dog and makes fun of patrick senior.

jou sucks because..

sometimes, she has the mood to take pictures..

sometimes takda mood.
those were taken on the same day btw.

jou sucks because..

she whined and whined and whined for an upgrade

so now she uses that.

and the #1 reason why jou sucks...........

she made me update at 1 am in the morning.

dont worry jou me still loves theee/thou?