Monday, December 15, 2008

and give a little bit

went to old town white coffee, uptown with my parents for brunch yesterday.
it's down the road from the police station i think.

reminds me of kluang's station somehow..

old town white coffee! hahah. my dad's.

i really like their kaya. bet munyi would too.
dunno what's it called, but i know it's no. 301 in the menu.

both my parents ordered ipoh hor fun, 
which was supposed to be their special or something like that.

my chicken rendang nasi lemak.
the sambal kicks ass man.



went to KLIA after that to pick my maid up.
didnt think she boarded the plane for a while there, had to wait an hour for her.
some hassle at the immigration or something like that.

went to sid's again for dinner.
i think their more smokey nights are on weekdays. sundays, not so much.
If you like piƱa coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
If you're not into yoga, if you have half-a-brain.

the fries that night were refried. hmm.

beef and onion pie, though i still prefer the steak and kidney pie.

garlic roasted spagetthi. 
hey ashvin, it's completely vegetarian and it kicks ass :P

jean's lamb kashmiri.

sunday's roast, which IMHO was damn good.

ben was checking the stock market stuff =.=

went to medan selera, ss2 with minghan after that cause apparently his whole family abandoned him for dinner.
..that's one big bowl of leng chi kang.

his sweet and sour pork rice.

started telling me about stuff that goes on at home and something about his brother's camp.
i swear, those jelly thingies in the leng chi kang nearly went up my nose.

had some trouble with herself,