Tuesday, December 9, 2008

quit teasing me; won't take a chance on a kid like you.

went to akarkarya today for auditions.
ended up not singing cause i couldnt hit the notes and was singing really badly. sigh.

his g-string broke! kekekekekeke. that's suzen's baby. 
THE GUITAR. not him. -.- 
minghan still managed to perform his other songs with mei on the cajon.

and did an awesome impromptu duet with nikki too!
ahahha that thing (eukalili or whatever) isnt a toy man, you can actually plug it in. damn cute.

nikki is awesommeeee.
video got cut off at 3 minutes tho.
oh so what're you singing today?
oh i'm singing i kissed a girl, sexy style.
heh? how much sexier can it get lol.
oh veeery sexy. im gonna give everybody listening an orgasm.
..yeah okay maybe not.

stayed on for the other auditions and went to mcd's later.
ahhhhh cherrrrryyyylllllllll :D

M&M x)

adanya terrorist yang baru-baru saja muncul di negara kita..

nama: wongsana bt mehyin.
dari: tanah zaaba yang terletak berdekatan dengan mamak dan mama's.
senjata: kotak yang boleh membuat bunyi yang sangat menakutkan. seperti letupan.

damn lame la, i know.